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My name is jeroen, 22 years old.
I work since I was 16 in the scooter/motorcycle industry and during that time I have a few projects built.
By obtaining my motorcycle was a new scooter-project not an option.
The new project needed a larger plate on the fender ;)

A good friend of mine sold his 125cc 4 stroke Runner, so I bought it from him.
After already seen a few examples on the internet of other runners, i saw in my mind an ideal picture of how the runner should look!..:!:!


But now reality:rolleyes:
Beginning last year i start building the runner.
I bought the 125 disassembled, so i don't have a good picture.
Take this picture, remove the F32s + engine and see what it looked when i bought it:~


If you want to start a project or to build a scooter, then there is a rule !!{!

if you do do it right !!!!;)

On my work there is always the fast reaction {! ALL MHR :W !!!!


Brand new engine + Malossi Crankshaft:~
Closed crankcases + Crankshaft

Then mount the cylinder:

When all that was mounted, it was waithing on my new Carburator!!
Lucky me it was very fast in Amsterdam! :) *D

Yess the Keihin FCR 37 MX !!!*DO-)

FCR - Original 200 carb - Original 125 carb

In the time i moved the cylinder head and carburetor to the tuner, i started with the fork.
I chose the F32 from Malossi, don't ask me why becouse, afterwards I regret :(:':)':)':)'(
Perhaps maybe if I ever have F36R money, i will bought it !!:mad:

Now pictures of the mounted Malossi fork:

With new brake caliper the becouse the old one was red and i didn't liked it with the red fork.
(on picture you see the wheel before coating black and still the old brake pipe)
Now I have a malossi brake pipe..!

Now we're talking about the suspension, i didn't like the old suspensions on the back!:mad:
Then i bought thiss !!!9||6*D


oohhh.... sorry I didn't know you wanted to see pictures of the cylinder head before i mounted it on the engine !
I can already reveal what, they have only the inlet flowed.
I have a filler block made for the carburator, but the inside of it did not look neat.
Therefore i brought it to the tuner. Also they tuned a little bit of the inlet.


Head,carburator and engine mounted under the Runner!


From that moment on, everything went very quickly..
I put the air filter, MHR pulley's,clutch,starter etc. on the bike..
Then it was time for the first start..


It started very quickly ( what a sound of the SBK :p)
So i let the engine run for a while..
First test drive wasn't what i really hoped, but it was still the first drive :X
Started with what caps it seemed fitting to have a pretty picture:+

Also put the counter back to zero:7
How much chance can you have!!:-::~
seriously not planned, but can't be better:love:
Of course the xenon may not be missing8)
short time later it looks like :

Sorry to everyone for the Bold 9780 pictures;(

I'm now going to make a summary of the past six months
because many things were against i didn't put all my energy in making pictures etc..

After the Runner started, i took a lot of time to adjust the bike.
from main jet in the carb to the roller weights of the vario.
I got the engine not properly adjusted.
I decided to leave it for now, so that i first could approve the Runner.
Because it still had the German papers.
On one day i took the bike and drove to the inspection station..
i can now already tell you something, i didn't make it to the station :eek::':)':)'(

I think i drove 15 km then the bike lost a lot of power, makes a lot of noise in the engine en it stopped:( on the highway...
Called my colleague and he picked me up with the van from my work..
45 minutes later in the shop I started disassembling.
Everything open there was only 1 thing left, the cranshaft..

If you take a good look at the crank you''ll see the grooves..
I forgot the part to take a good picture from the bearings in the crankcase..:L:Xx|
The Crank had al lot of backlash by the big end..
we thought that this little bearings where coming between the crankshaft and crankcase..
So that it was a fabrication fould from malossi..
We contacted our supplier of Malossi Nederland..
Few weeks later i get this mail back from my supplier Patrick

Dear Patrick,
Andrea saw the pictures and he says that this problem is due to poor lubrication: the right amount of oil to the crankshaft between the engine and "brass". If there is little oil or even some dust went into the oil, this is the typical damage.
It can not be due to a "soft" crankshaft, in this case, the other part would be the same damage.

This was the mail he get back from Malossi.

So after giving a lot money on Malossi products and only drove 15 km, I am nothing sprung..
There was for sure never dust in the engine and also the 5w40 malossi oil was in the bike.
Mounted everything correctly.
Also i Followed Velo's Project and saw his MHR Crank after not a long time,
so i still thought it was a fabrication fould.

Never mind i needed now a new Crankshaft and Crankcase..
because Piaggio don't deliverd only bearings for the crankcases you need to buy a new engine :?:( are they crazy or what
Contacted my supplier again hoping they could do something for me..
I orderd the new parts with a little discound and all we could do was waiting..
In the meantime the runner was standing like this:


long period of time later, the parts where inside

this time i coose for a original Crank


Then it was a matter of building and building...
The bike drove again and with my new original parts i had a good feeling about the engine.

But then 2 days later...

Again a lot of noise out of the engine.
a loud strange noise like there was a bearing broken..
i decided to drove the runner for a couple of days because after searching with my colleagues at work we couldn't find anything..!

Then i decided to disassemble the runner again
And it was a very strange suprise..


Again the f$cking crank & $$$$$$$$ and bearingssss!:(:':)':)'(

So i just demolished 2 Cranks en Cases and al lot paper gasket and seals..
With the idea that i just had 200km on my counter:sx|:?

I decided to take all my broken parts with me to school..
On work we didn't had a reason for my gift of demolish engins, so mayby the guys on school and my teacher had a statement:eek:

After a couple fews from everybody there was a explanation for my fine tuned Jeroen cranks & cases!..
As we saw on the back of the crank where the crank drives in the bearing; the grooves were there most visible. So when the piston stands top the crank and bearings get on their Thurs. This could only be possible at point of fire.
So by the reasoning of my teacher the ignition must be too early!!
That must be the reason of destroying 2 engines.

I think it's a good opinion because 2 brand new engines are destroyed and the only thing i didn't changed for the original is the Malossi CDI.

So i had some new information and need to get back at work :+
I didn't want a brand new engine again by the thoughts that the engine will jam again. So i searched on Markplaats ( like EBAY only dutch) and found an complete 125 vx engine.
Drove after work 120km to Eindhoven with a lot of WINGZZ.. in the trunk
and 120km back8P8P
But we have a :winner:
As you can see i already started again before taking a picture of the 125 engine.

Decided to make a combination of 125 and 200..
So starting:

Malossi 210 cyl
Malossi Cam
Malossi Head
125cc Original crank
125cc Polini Vario and front pully Original 125cc
Malossi Clutch
Malossi Bell
Malossi Pullys on the back
Malossi Belt
125cc Ignition
Keihin FCR 37 MX Carb.
Original Excaust
200cc Orig. gear

Also now changed the Malossi CDI for the Original Piaggio/Gilera 125cc..!

Start building:

Need to make some space for the FCR..


When everything was mounted the next day under the runner the bike started.
Sound was very good and by containing gas its sounds more potential then ever before!!
For security we checked the ignition with the lamp


Also we tried the Malossi CDI to see if there's a difference between them.


By normal stationary RPM there wasn'd a difference only by rotate the throttle we could see a differand time of fire.
Which was reinforced by drove first testdrive.
With the orig. CDI the bike drove amazing what a power!!...+ralf+:#:#
the Runner had never this power before with the first 2 engines.
But by testing the Malossi CDI the power was gone, didn't make any wheely's sounds by far so good as with the Original CDI. All power and acceleration where gone:?
So by testing this out, this couldn't be anything else then the raison for the 2 jammed engines!

Stay tuned for the new update 282cc !!!x|:eek:
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Very nice projekt! I really like the f32. (Kom je uit nederland? :p) wich brand of exhaust is it? Exuse me for my pore english!


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Please keep it in English guys, so everyone can read :)

Nice project though.


mannelijke versie
Fair reasons :p

Anyway, guess this is becoming the most beautifull motor Runner I've ever seen. Looks very promising!


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Didnt you use a paper gasket between the crankcase?
no i didn't
i asked malossi and they said mount it without the paper..
also you have fill rings but then you can never close the crankcases..
i now know what the problem was because the second engine was also smashed.
But i'm working on updating my page..
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