Remove and install a larger spring


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Hi all,

Figured out a way of mounting a larger spring, that takes quite some strength to install. This method is very simple, and doesn't require much tools. Just some washers will do the trick. This spring is used for the scooter stand.

These are the steps:

Uninstall of the spring:

1. Set the stand in the position, that extends the spring the most.
2. Fill the spaces with washers. This keeps the spring at its current length
3. Bring the stand to the horizontal position.
4. The length of the spring is too long now, and you can just remove it.
5. Keep the washers in place to have an easy installation again.


Installing is just the other way around.

1. Stand in horizontal position
2. Mount the spring, including the washers
3. Bring stand in position that extends the spring
4. Remove the washers one by one


Use gloves!

I hope this helps!
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Hi Bartj. Thanks for your reaction. I tried the puller first. Two things were in the way. The spring strength is too much for me to handle. Secondly, the working space, It is not possible to pull in a straight line to the axis without some part of the scooter being in the way. Because of that, using a ratchet transport strap didn't work either.
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