PGO Bix Max 50 2010 - Variator Question - Flywheel vs Variator - Is it normal for the Variator to be free spinning ?


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Hi Builders,
Some background info. Got a PGO Big Max 50 2010. It has been sitting in a field for 3 years(I live in canada, so snow etc...). Decided I was going to rebuild it for fun. Got the engine running and all, next to the transmission.

I've changed the crankshaft because the previous one was completly worned off. Now, I've put the CVT together and have a question. Below is a general pic of how it should go and this is where I have questions. In order to spin the belt, both the Variator[1] and the Flywheel[11] need to turn. Turns out that only the flywheel has theeth and not the Variator. So in short, the Variator[1] is free spining. Is that Normal ? I've seen some Variator with a backplate that has theeth, but not mine. Is the Flywheel the only component providing traction ?

Thank you
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