Peugeot Fox - Information needed...

Hello all together,

since my dutch is not really presentable, I am glad that you also have an englisch speaking forum here... great!

I just had the chance to buy myself a Peugeot Fox (of which I only heard good things). My first Peugeot at all and I do know nothing about it.
Can someone suggest me any source of information please? Are there any handbooks available? Serialnumber Databases etc.? I don't even know what exact model and buildyear it has... So any help is very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot and een geweldige dag,
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Thanks for the response... I allready found that. It's available in multiple languages. But it seems to be the only reliable information.
Isn't there a bit more "technical" information? Specifications etc.?
I can't even tell if I have a 25 or 50 Model...

Thanks a lot,


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Maybe this helps you a bit:

When you do a google search there's a lot English handbooks+specs to find. But you have to signup for that to download...

I can't tell you from here if you're fox is a 25 / 50 model. You have to check if there's a type identification number somewhere printed in your fox e.g frame/motor. Then you search internet that number?
Goodluck :)
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