Peugeot Elyseo 50 starting and voltage issues


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Hi, I´m new to scooters and just bought a Elyseo 50 non runner.. It has no battery although I connected up an 12v battery to try an get it to run.. I have found I have no spark. I can not use the starter motor as it is blown (I have unplugged the relay) With the spark plug removed, I have no spark when spinning the cooling fan / Crankshaft with a drill at a brisk speed.. not too fast., With the battery disconnected, I am only getting a 4v DC at the battery terminals. The bike has a un marked CDI unit that feels warm when the ignition is left turned to the start position. The key I have has no plastic case, so no transponder, there is no immobiliser device fitted to the end of of the 2 wire cable that goes down to the CDI, there is just an un used connector.

Should I be getting a spark without a battery, or must a battery be connected, even when using the kick starter?
How do i check that the generator is working? There is only 3 wires coming from the pickup next to the generator flywheel
Can someone tell me what terminals are for the DC and AC voltage regulator and what voltages should expect when spinning the generator flywheel by hand (the sparkplug is removed)?

I really hope someone can help me? Thanks in advance, Mark


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