No gasoline coming into cylinder


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So i had this problem with my scooter it wont start, the intake manifold sucks vacuum and the sparkplug works but it doesnt fire up, could it be im missing something inside the carburator...? i readjusteed my valves but the timing on those was good so i have no clue what it could be. maybe some unattacheed hoses?
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Have you checked that there isn't a vacuum inside your petrol tank? Sometimes the aeration valve gets clogged.


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Maybe first is handy to tell which brand and type scooter you have.. Because whe dont have a glass globe.. So we don`t know before hand.

Second, did you changed parts on your scooter before this problem happend?

And did this problem came up when driving the scooter and ended with a stop and engine shutting off? We really need some history when the engine did work and when it stop working. So then we can diagnose better.
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