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Hi Guys,

Im out of the Scooter Scene for quite a long time (nearly 1o Years) but still have a old Sr 50 Frame which i want to rebuild now. Frame is for a Minarelli LC and i want it to be a Midrace Setup

My Problem is i dont want use the "common famous" Parts like a S6R but still want archive my 15-16 Hp.Also could be with a ported Cylinder.

So i thought about a old fashioned Italkit but it really seems a bit outdated nowdays yet probably still can archive the 15HP.What about the newer Top TPR ? Anybody has experience with it ?A Manston Replica i cant find in the Online Stores anymore .Whats up with that ?Back then a ported Replica with a Hebo Racing Cylinder Head was very rare but quite powerful

Whch exhaust you recommend to me ?I dont want aS6 or Yasuni. How about a Polini 4 Race ?In Combination with a Italkit ?Or the Roost..never heard of it before.Common use nowdays ?Top Performance dont have a Midrace Exhaust anymore ?What happened to the Nardo ?

Should use a Overrange Kit or also enough with a normal Racing Vario with a new Torque ?

Anyway..i hope i get alot of Help from you Guys..Thanks in Advance

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Hey Sugar,
Nice, I was in the game in the nineties too, then took a break and got into it again in 2010. So much new shit. S6 didn't exist back then :) Top Performances is dead from what I've heard, thus you don't find parts anymore. The Polini For Race turned pretty bad after the second generation too. Malossi and Polini are pretty big in the Big Bore business now, so if you want to look into something else and challenging have a look at the big bores by Malossi and Polini. Exhaust-wise, Polini Evo's and MHR's still doing well but are quite pricey. Yasuni ahs the best quality I think. Roost are great too, tho quite common. If you want something really unique have a look at Japanese exhausts and some smaller manufacturers from the UK or Italy.
For a good and unique carb, get an original Keihin PWK (not a rebranded one).
Hebo is dead too I believe :)

Hope this helps.

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