Mysterious problem that keeps returning after weeks


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I have a problem with my Vespa lx50 4t 4v. That is, he stutters.
Then everyone probably thinks ... do you have one of those, but I have a special case.
Half a year back had a big turn. Reed well for a long time and then stuttered from one day to the next.
Spark plug and Spark plug cap replaced and then that one week again completely fine!
Helaaaaasss after that week again the same stuttering problem especially at full throttle.
Air filter checked, was completely fine.
Carburetor cleaned and JAWEL !! he drove a good week again!
Now after a week stuttering ....

How can it be that after small changes it can seem resolved and then return again?

I am a bit distraught.

I hope you have the golden tip for me.

I wait with sorrow!

Freundlichen Greeting!
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Hello and welcome to the scooterforum.
I think the problems you had are just a lack of maintenance how many milage did you run your scooter before these problems showed up cos a sparkplug needs replacement after a while its like a candle it burns out so that could have been the first reason of problem nr 1
Then your carburator was dirty this tells me that the airfilter must have been dirty or dusty or has another problem cos a airfilter must keep out the dirt dust out of the fuel system of the carburator
The only other way is to have dirty petrol in your tank i cant think of another way you can,get dirt in your carb you can easaly solve this by cleaning the tank and put a fuelfilter between the fuel hose of the tank and carburator
So to make a long story short
i just think its just coinsidence and bad luck you had these problems after eachother
But if you ask me you didnt maintain your scooter the way it should my friend.
Any thing that has an engine needs a lil bit of TLC every once in a while
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