My Piaggio Typhoon 125 AC (Norway)


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My Piaggio Typhoon 125->172 AC (Norway)

Hello to you all. I'm John from Norway, and I have bougth my self a Typhoon 125. It's 1996 compete standard, but not for long :) (Yes I'm the one with the Italjet Formula project.)
I have started stripping it down, and want to paint it black.
I have also bought new NRG wheels for it + a new type speedo. All from Ebay uk. It cost a fortune in postage, but I have scooters as a hobby, and hobbys ain't cheap.
I will post pictures as I progress, but this is a winter project, so be patient.

This is how she look when I bougth her.

Here I have started the stripping her.

NRG front wheel. NRG original disk is too big, so I have to buy a new fork to use it.

NRG rear wheel

Wheels on the chassis

Some parts back from powder coating. I have even powder coated the exhaust. I don't know how it will cope with the heat, but I had to try as it was so rusty.

New and old speedo.

Sanding down the panels.
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It turned out the my Typhoon has been stolen from the previous owner, and the steering loock has been busted.
This has been welded crooked, so I have to cut it loose, and are now on my way to get this fixed correctly. I'm also got my self a new set of loocks and keys.



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Finaly the "new" engine arrived from UK.
I did pay £100,- for it, and I think that was a "steal".
It has some major scratches on the side cover, and it misses the vacuum outlet to the gasoline tap. Beside from that it looks ok.
Realy looking forward to start workin on it. :D



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I did finaly get the side casting off. This motor can't have been opened sinse it was new.
Here is a look at the inside.

Oooo look at that color!! Here it must have been very hot.

Here you see the broken vaccum outlet.

Not to good

Here is the Typhoon variator and the Runner variator side by side.
Do not look the same??


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Well, then I have recived my 125 rear Runner wheel.
Now is the question: Shall I convert to rear diskbrake, or keep the original drum?
I have to cut the brakeshoe pin, and it would be very difficult to instal a new one, so this is a one way road only.

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nice project, but if you'll cut that thing there will not be any problem but if you'll take out there will be a hole between a reductor chamber and out side of carter.

I don't know about piaggio but minarelli have this problem! :?



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Today I got the brake bolt out, but to my surprise it's a hole inside that goes straigth in the gearbox???

I did plug it up with some "glue".

Here is the engine converted to diskbrake :)

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I have changed my mind about the speedo, and have got myself a new one!
Just a preview of the Runner speedo in the NRG housing.
You like it?

Close up over the wiring work.



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Got the engine in to today.
1 problem, the old Typhoon rear shock does not fit??

Old engine

New engine

I have also got a used NRG Power rear breake hose, which I'm trying to fit.

melf #50

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nice :)

these are fun to ride , easy to make a wheely :p

I would use a underbelly from a nrg MC1/2 , makes it more "sporty looking"

funny detail on the typhoon 125 is the extra fuel tank :p

I think this will be a nice scooter when it's finished ;)


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I have now dismantel all "loose" parts on the side casting.
Will now have it clean and paint stripped, then powder coated black.

The kickstarter axel is a little bent, so I had to knok out the bushing with the axel inside. Will try heating it, and then bend it back.

As this is the engine I bougth from Ebay, it has a small damage as you can see on the pictures below. I don't think this will affect the strenght thoug.



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I've just have myself one too. It has been used for 9 year, quite a long time :)) . The cylinder has been rebored and the crankshaft is a little bit bend but the electrical parts are all working well. Since i'm living in Vietnam, it's very difficult to get the new nor in good condition parts for the scoot, specially the air throttle :(
Looking forward to watching the result of your project.

by the way, where did you get those

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