Motobi Pesaro 50 Replica (Problem)


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Hi People,

I'm new on this forum and hope you can help me out with the problem I have.

My scooter 'Motobi Pesaro 50 Replica' (minarelli horizontal block) 2takt, didn't start after I put some new stuff inside.

Here are the things that have been replaced (new items):
- Spark plug, spark plug cable and cap
- Pull springs
- Cylinder, head and piston
- Crankshaft bearings and dust seals
- Variator rollers and jet

What I have cleaned is:
- Oil tank and cable
- Air filter element
- Carburetor

Mileage is 6500KM

Please let me know if you know or thinks to know what the problem can be!

Much thanks already..
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Hey welcome to the forum.

Assuming you installed cylinder correct you need to find out if you get no spark or no fuel.
So firstly remove sparkplug from cylinder and put it in the sparkplug cap, then hold sparkplug against cylinderhead and see if it produces a strong spark when starting.
Carefull dont touch any metal yourself doing this !

If you get no spark check your electric if you do get spark its probably a issue with the carb not giving fuel.

Let us know !


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Hmm okey so good spark and there is fuel going in the cylinder....

If you remove airfilter from carb and hold your hand loosly on carb opening while starting do you get fuel on your hand ?
Maybe the membrane doesnt close properly and fuel/air mix gets pushed back to carb.
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