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mixed aprillia help


First time on this forum hoping for help.

My colleague gave me an old aprillia he had standing in his yard. i am not much of an moped mechanic but i know a bit.

The old 70cc kit was a goner so o swapped it for a 70 cc kit of ebay. This is a minarelli AM6 motor by the way.

The carburettor is an dellorto PHBH26 BS. I have cleaned this furiously. Jets are 50 on the slow speed and 85 on the main jet.

The problem is as you can see on the link that it bogs when i give it gas. starts up really easy.

This is the same whatever i do with the fuel mixture and idle screw. absolutly no change
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Actually i think i may have figured it out. After the rebuild i tested compression and it was great so in this process i have not done it again. But at a whim i did test it and it was only 60psi. It turns out one 8f the head bolts was bad. Ordered new ones and hoping it will solve my problems. Have also ordered new set of jets
I just do not know what else to try now. Got the new head bolts and installed them, better compression but still the same problem. Tried swapping to a smaller carburettor and still the same exept it does not bog down and die. It just does not rev any. Still starts on first kick
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