MHR Replica Head.


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My friend was driving home from work the other day and his sparkplug blew out of his head. Luckily enough he works as a mechanic but has only started a few days ago and he was driving home with some of the other mechaincs so they stopped and asked him what happend so he told them and they said that where the sparkplug goes into the head it was cross threaded and then they sorted it for him and they said will proberally need a new head because they got a car sparkplug and cut holes in it then made thread in the head on the bike now and put that sparkplug in lol. so he will need a new head! Could someone give me a link or something to where he could buy a new head from please. Its a LC Aerox and its a mhr replica 70's.
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Killerteam Racing
Helicoiling is used in cylinder head applications when the thread has been stripped - its a secure way of a buggered thread and can in most cases revive it back to stock without loosing compression.
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