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Malossi 172 AC kit on WC cases Race Motor Build

Help!,I need some advice plz,we race GrassKarts in New Zealand [see pic this is with the old VXR200 4T motor] I now wayne1.jpg have a fully worked sp180 motor on my kart and it goes great.I need to build up an aircooled motor for my 12 yr old daughter who currently runs a worked GY-6 with all the goodies,but needs more power !.Kids arent allowed to run watercooled motors as theyre deemed too fast,but I read that the Aircooled cylinder and head bolts up to the watercooled cases I have a spare 180 motor that i can use.Theres basically no real knowledge on these motors here and Im looking for some advice before I spend the $$ and buy a kit.i would use a skipper bottom end ,but theyre just not available here.Thanks
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