Latvian Piaggio Zip SP S6R/T


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Hi, I'm from Latvia, and I would like to show off my Zip's build. It started in April 2015 when i bought almost complete rolling chassie. Then it has stock setup with deristricted ZX exhaust, MHR drive belt and few other tuning parts. Later I got Hebo Performer exhaust, then the stock setup was going like some 70cc setups. Then after summer I tought, why not put full hi-end setup in my scoot, so I did just that. Currently I'm missing few parts for new engine e.g air filter and so on, but the 1st start is coming soon.

Current setup:
S6R/T 70cc cylinder
S6R/T MKII 85mm crank
S6R/T CUP exhaust
Malossi Selettra 2011
S6R/T Oversize CVT kit
S6 MKII Torque Control clutch
S6R/T CNC type 480 wingbell
Stock reed valve modified
S6R/T inlet spacer
Dell'orto PHBH 28mm carb
Polini Gear cover
Polini primary gears 15/38
Polini secondary gears 14/48
Polini Torsen WD

Heres some pictures from when it was stock

And some pictures from hiend build.

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