Kymco 50cc runs bad


New Member
I have a 50cc 2 stroke scoot which ran completely fine until the crankshaft got jammed.
I disassembled the cylinder but broke the piston rings, I got new 2 new rings form the dealer and installed them but the crankshaft was still stuck. I got the scoot to the dealer and he found that the piston bearing shattered and a piece got stuck between the crankshaft and the crankcase. He replaced the bearing, spark plug, vario pulley, vario nut, reed valve and head gasket.

Now the scoot doesn't run like before.

-It uses more fuel
-It doesn't accelerate as powerful as before
-The exhaust gets extremely hot
-After a while riding the scoot bogs down to idle and stays there, it won't react to throttle anymore.

Any tips or advice would be very welcome
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