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Italjet Dragster externally refreshed

Hello guys I'm George I'm from Greece and this summer I got the scooter of my youth years.. An Italjet Dragster 180

Well it wasn't in excellent shape and since it's the scooter I wanted for over 15 years I decided to bring back to it's former glory and add some something to make it stand out.

I personally love carbon fiber and I was amazed that someone actually made carbon panels for it!!

I've decided to go for matt black decals cause the scooter on it's own is too extreme!

What do you think?
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This is how it looks with all the carbon parts I manged to find.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to source the front carbon panel yet.. Fingers crossed I'll find one soon!

The engine will stay stock.
I'm happy with the performance and will stay like this till it breaks!

I also replaced the shocks with Paioli Corsa adjustable shocks! The handling improved and the comfort as well!

Hope you like it
The previous owner painted the engine case black, the paint is already chipping away plus I don't want the plastic cover...

I removed the cover to inspect the metal case and to my surprise it looks like it's been sand blasted!

I have a spare inlet scoop and I got a tube to assemble it temporarily..

I haven't decided what to do with the engine cover.. Paint it black, polish it.... Don't know.

I'm open to suggestions.

I'd love to hear what you guys think.

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