Hyosung Rally Transmission De-Restriction


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Hello from Gainesville, Florida, United States.
to introduce myself I thought I'd copy over the De-Restriction directions that were posted on korider.com and add some links to photos I took while working on my bike.
I have removed the spacer that prevented the bike from traveling faster than 30 miles per hour, and I have "clipped" the wire that governed the RPM's. Now I can get up to 40 miles per hour, but it takes me forever!
here's a photo of my bike with a foam machine strapped on that I had just bought
I'm currently looking to add some performance exhaust to my bike and hope to have something soon.
I hope there are some other rally riders out there who can use this guide like I did.
I want to do alot to my scooter but I'm not sure where to start, anyone have any good suggestions please let me know.

This procedure will remove a washer in your variator, allowing the trasmission to achive higher ratios and in turn faster speeds.

DISCLAIMER: this may effect your scooters eligibility for a) riding without a motorcycle licence b) classifcation as a moped c) Warrenty (G_d I'd hope not, but you never know)

Tools reccomended:
8mm socket and ratchet
Impact Wrench
Large Socket (I don't remember the size, I think it's about a 22mm)

First, remove your trasmission side cover. It's the metal cover on the oppisite side of the scooter from the exhaust pipe. Be careful not to tear the paper gasket, and keep track of where all those bolts go.

This is what my transmission looked like

Next, remove the kickstart gear assembly. You'll have to depress a spring, remove an e-clip, then remove the spring, washer, and kickstart drive gear. Keep track of the order they came off.

Third, use the impact wrench, set on CLOCKWISE and remove the nut that holds the variator onto the crankshaft. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO SET THE IMPACT WRENCH ON CLOCKWISE. This is a reverse-threaded nut, and you can damage the crankshaft if you attempt to lossen it by turning it counterclockwise.

Take the outside half of the variator off. You'll notice a small ring in the middle, that fits over the crankshaft. Remove it.
here are some photos of the ring the ruler scale is in inches


Replace the variator half, and use the impact, set on a low-torque setting, and COUNTERCLOCKWISE to re-install the nut holding the variator on.

Replace kickstart drive gear assembly

Replace cover. This is a little tricky, so be patient and try not to tear the gasket.
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There another restriction in the exhausts tail. Remove it for some more power, to reach 40 faster. Do not forget to enlarge the fuel injector afterwards or it might start running too lean.
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