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How to: Make a project page

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How to make a project page?

Dear users,

if you are going to make a project page, there are some rules you have to follow.
This will make sure everyone has a clear and nice project page.

These are the simple rules:

1. Use a clear title, no CAPS or long topic titles.
2. First introduce yourself a bit and you can post some pictures.
3. Then post your project, make a story line from the beginning to the end, and what your future plans are.
Include enough pictures of the entire process.
If you just want to show your pictures, you must make a account on www.scooterbase.net
Topics with no story or pictures wil be removed.
4. If your pictures are to big, use our [ir] function (image resize). Just use it instead of .
5. An example how your page could look like:

- Show your setup, your parts and stuff.
- Additional info about your scooter.
- Your future with your scooter.

I hope this is clear, and if everyone follows these rules you will have a nice time here :)
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Not open for further replies.
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