Hebo Performer Chrome


Area51 for life
Hello all, I driving Aprilia Area51

and i looking for my new exhaust and because I very limited by exhaust choice (non standard engine holders on area51) id like to buy Hebo Performer Chrome.

This exhaust is my price range :# and hes stile perfects good on my scooter. Can you give my some informations on this Hebo like performance, finishing, restriction, etc. I want use this exhaust on stock engine and later on 70ccm malossi sport or similar top, polini.

Current setup:
stock engine
Malossi 17.5PHBN
Topperformances crankshaft
Malossi Multivar
Giannelli GO

Please give my some information about this Hebo. Thanks.
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yeh its a good pipe mate and its a good choice pipe with std set-ups they sound nice and are good pipes peformance wise aswell
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