Gilera Stalker


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hello. I am new to the scooter scene, and i would like to know, where to get body parts for my gilera stalker . I'm pretty sure i would find the answer here, if not , RIP.

So a little backstory : Got a scooter for 500$. Chips broken off the end of the side panels, scratches here and there, nothing big. Then, i fell with the scooter going downhill at 80km/h, so the plastics are ripped apart.

Please respond someone, im desperate.
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As you said you paid in dollars, I don't know where you based but we are a Dutch community based in The Netherlands. There should be a lot of websites where you can buy the parts you need, it's not very hard to find I suppose.


Broem Broem Pff Pff
Try to look on the internet, if nothing is available in your region.. Suggestions would be like Ebay or so.
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