Fude (Baotian) Elegance '06 -> BATTERY® FUDE RS12 [Finland]


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Hello everyone!

My name is Jere from Finland. I am 24 years old and living in Oulu, Northern Finland.

I have had my scooter project going for about 5 years now, obviously had not done it all the time. The origin of the scooter is my first scooter, bought 2006. Mark and model is Fude Elegance. Basically it is baotian. Five years ago i thought that i will get it from carage and make it run again and make it look definately different.
At the first stage I modified Yamaha Aerox seat and rear plastics on and modified the front end. I did custom made front lights myself. I did the version 1 allmost ready but then i had lack of interest and scooter was standing in carage again.

Then i bought naked Peugeot Ludix RS12 and had an idea to put that motor into my Fude. Baotian had obviosly 4stroke engine and I had 63cc cylinder in it but still it was really slow. Peugeot did about 90km/h and had Malossi Sport 70cc 2-stroke engine which was much more powerful.

Finally few years back i started to build my dream. To make scooter that is unique in all ways. Scooter that will never be seen anywhere else.

I basically cut my Fude half and started to make rear end all the way different. I took part of the Ludix rear chassis, seat and motor and started welding. My idea was to make scooter that looks trackmachine. I also made central suspension by myself and added some extra bars to the leg section of scooter.

I got the scooter about ready but then I realized how much there was to do before plastics will look good. Again scooter was put into carage to wait new interests.

Last february I had opportunity to buy Aprilia SR plastics very cheaply in right colour I had planned. I bought them and thought that I will save much time and effort if I put them into my scooter.

I spent few days in carage and voila. They fit very well with just minor modifications. I started to paint them, making modifications, making and putting on stickers and just yesterday it rolled out of carage almost ready. I will make few little things better but outlook is really almost ready to rock.

BATTERY theme comes from finnish energy drink. Mainoskeskus.fi is my job, we make stickers and all kind of advertising stuff. We tape cars and buildings.

I found this forum in just few hours ago and i thought that I want to show my ride internationally. In finnish forum i have had my project topic for 5 years and it has got over 75 000 readings there. In finnish scale this is quite famous one. Link is here but it is all in finnish. You will see more pictures though. http://www.motot.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=78199&sid=e063b6f5befb06b18cc751e9f639c1b3

Peugeot Ludix motor
Malossi Sport 70cc
Dellorto 19mm
Custom made exhaust (Laser)

Trying to make my english able to read, sorry if there is mistakes.

Feel free to comment and rate!

....And here are the pictures:


Stege 1:

And recent condition:

I will add some making-of pictures later!
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