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Hello scooterforum im sander from estonia 19 years old

i want to introduce my little race project what i gonna race in estonian scooter league.

It`s built for middle league what have little restrictions like

*no aftermarket ignitions(eprom, selettra etc)
*mono exhaust port cilinders (sport pro, s6 streetrace, drevo etc)
*no tire warmers
*max 21mm carb
*no slick tires

this league is called "70 sport"

In Estonia scooter races are collecting lot of fame, its taking place third time and in every year its getting more popular.

but lesschitchat more scoot

So the plan to race came hint from estonian scooter`s club member. At first i took it with humor but i started to think and bought beta ark for 60eur

but its in quite shitti condition but i think i can crack it but i have some alternatives frames, like jog-rr and yamaha aerox ..

but lets talk aboud beta

list :

cilinder-stage 6 Sport pro 10 pin tuned
crank-malossi Rhq 10pin
exaust-stage 6 pro
variomatic-malossi mhr overrange
clutchbell-malossi mhr wingbell
carb-21mm OKO
Oko 21mm karbuss
c3 polymer bearings
ngk iridium br9eix sparkblug
Grips Pro Taper
ignition- stock/mvt premium
intake- TC
intake spacer- homemade
gear: polini primary
clutch-TWH sport sidur
Dh handlebar
stage6 Egt

many more things to come but step by step!

when i got it

so the first i started to port

porting finished and crank monted

sou monted radiator

finished porting cilinder

some polish parts

ohmygod messsy :S:S

polish front rim

project now is in a standstill because i have little flu and estonia there is like -20 degrees at day and i don`t wanna say how gold is in

i update to first posti and i sorry if my english is a bit rubbish.

Help and good advice is welcome! :)
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Always nice to have a foreign poster here. Keep those updates coming!
yes sir !8)

so lets make it quick.

metalblasted frame

it was so beatiful i just didn`t wanted to painted but i had to! :S

:/ but still ok

some parts

some more

almost done need casket seals

sad picture

till updates!


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Looking good.
More please :)
As you wish!

pipe selection got updated by yasuni c21 kevlar polished


and sum renewd parts

Still can`t figure out what desing and color to use and what rear shockabsorver, i so want s6 r/t but i have no money for s6 R/T :mad: so i have to be sadisfied with some other adjustable gas shock!
Hope to hear sounds on saturday and fine tune on dyno so till updates!


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quoted from

noni teeme siis algust, mu vana c21 tagasi jeje

el süsteemi vedasin siis koos pingeka jne, et oleks egt`le toide ja vajadusel tuled kui plaanis city kruiisi teha v sõita kuhugi trennima ja sis veel killswitchi ja suretus nupu

tegin siis süütepoolile aluse ei oskanud kuhugi seda panna v ei olnud seda kohta v ma lihtsalt loll aga tegin uue

ja polnud täna plaanis üldse töölegi panna aga pidurid said tagumised tööle säde saadud ja mõtlesin, et valan küti sisse ja huvipärast proovin kui ei siis ei hakka punnima ja oleks päeva õhtusse ajanud. Aga panin 3 matsu ja tuksus, NICE! aga siis avastasin et karpa uputab ja jätsin seima
PS: see lenks on lihtsalt et oleks kinni hoida kuskilt ärge sellepärast muretsega! :D:D

sasipundar juhtmetest

aga nüüd märksa parem

ja siis päeva parim hetk kui mu gaasi amort jõudis!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) tegemist siis amordiga millel vägapalju erinevaid reguleerimis võimalusi ja toimetab vägahästi ja ikka kuradima kena näeb välja ka, meenutab nata s6 r/t amorti :lol: aga hind oli sellel amordil ka suht soolane isegi peale allahindlust :roll:

aga ostetud täna sai siis: uued splindid, silku tihendid, süütekiilu, naraku silkupea mutrid, laupäeval uuesti sinna siis plaanis karpa väike jama ära likvideerida ja häälestamiseni jõuda! :p :p


van the man

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nice we need people like you to give us inspiration looking forward to see further development greetz kenneth from norway


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nice we need people like you to give us inspiration looking forward to see further development greetz kenneth from norway
heh, Greetz to you to !

sou let`s make a review.

sou i looked forward to fine tune mu beta, but when i arrived to garage my carb started to overflow so i changed carbs to another 21mm oko with see trough bottom cap, sou the overflowing wasnt nomore problem, i started scoot and i revv`d and mu scoot moved backwards, sou the iginition timing was bad, because i use iginition from some chinese scoot and i didn`t match 1:1 so i have to modifi it a bit!

but i got sr-r front wheel need`s to paint ! and got aerox orig. handlebar, i`m so in loved in aerox stock handlebar and fairings, it gives so good driving position and gives me good space to mount gauges :)




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so i have some probs with scoot. cant get the right air and fuel mixture. at low rpm it runs lean but higher revs it gets too much gasolin. So i cant get it.. need more fine tuning.

but some good news to, i got my rims painted pearl black, and new tires!
mounted radiator lower because i use bigger radiator than original beta`s.

first race is 23 of may and my beta isn`t running well, so im quite nervous ...!

But to next up!


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so, beta runs greate, perf is good, at first i got suprised and made my beta almost do a flip :L

so breakes have to be aired out and some minor adjustments and practice, practice, practice!

soon pics and some videos


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Yellow Rox's wheel in the back & front pink SR wheel are now...

Anyhow, cool scooter, moves quite well too. Tho cylinder could/should be ported further-more.


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sou lets start review

i brought my beta home to my shed, because i dont have garage in my renth home.

so i had to work what i had!

02 May 2012

oil from shoks, fucked up ...

temporary tuning garage LOL!

09 May 2012

so it got complicated to work in my shed because didn`t have any electricity so i brought my beta to my living room

12 May 2012

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so first rave is behind me.

Day started at 7.00 am with picking up our scoots and going to final check up to garage i made quick check ride and heard something strange noise from engine attachment and felt quite soft to corner so if i checked frame and found broken subframe attachment, quick welding and off to track.

10.30 was check up everything was fine so freepractise started and i was quite quick at corners but track was full of sand what supermoto had carried to track and thanks to that i found myself crashed at approx. 60km/h auch ..

so i picked up my scoot and my pride and drove to pit

time practise started everything was perf again times where great again scoot worked perfektly untill at the same FUCKING corner crashed again and even worse so again to pit. Got 2. time at time practise but thanks to crash and not driving whole time practise i had to start last. but i hear strange knocking sound from engine 1. race but didn`t gave it lot of attention so start was good again gained 2 positions but suddenly got loss of power and nothing i had no glue what was happening egt showed normal temp to so i drove to pitlane and stopped. i was pissed. so i knew my scoot wasn`t anymore capable competing for first place and i wanted to just collect 15 points for showing up for start and finishing last, but scoot beta didn`t agreed and my engine stopped complitely working so my raceday was over!

But i was happy that i got my experiance and got addicted to scooter race!

so new cilinder is italkit alu ! and 9 of june we meet in latvia!!

some pics:)

and new cilinder

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