Difficulty with kickstart scooter 50cc (Peugeot Kisbee)

Paul Marin

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The electric start for my scooter is broken. It can only be started with the kickstart. I find it very difficult to do that. It takes 5 to 15 minutes to get the scooter running. Sometimes even longer. I know that there is no problem with the kickstart since other people could get it running in less than 30 seconds. I have been taught to give it just a little bit of fuel from the handle while pressing the pedal with my leg relatively fast (starting from the decompression point which should be when it gets a bit harder to press the pedal). I am no expert in anything scooter related and have very limited experience with kickstarting a scooter. Does anyone know any tips which can help me start my scooter faster (especially if they are familiar with Peugeot Kisbee 50cc 4 strokes engine)? Help is much appreciated.

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Hi Paul,

why not repair the electric start?

The kickstart mechanism of the modern scooters is made quite clumsy.
Not suitable for frequent use.
Very soon you will notice that the mechanism wears out, especially if the kicking is not done properly, and then you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and unable to start the scooter in any way.


roeiende kraai
Hi Paul, since 4-stroke scooters are equiped with their own cold start mixture system, you should be able to start it while not giving it any throttle at all while starting. (giving any extra fuel (but also more air) will disrupt this rich mixture)
i'm with @Sparky on repairing the electric start, but if you choose not to: always gently apply the first part of the way of the kick starter to make it engage, and then kick. that way it might last a little longer.


Broem Broem Pff Pff
It depends on which build year your scooter is from.
If you have the new style with at least EURO4 or EURO 5 engine then you have the best kickstart pedal.

The versions before that have the cheaper chinese look a like pedal which i would avoid.
Its so cheap that it really wont work.
The solution for me was to change the older style pedal with the new version for the injection engine.. And kick starting is a whole more pleasure now.

It is also very important to service the whole kickstart assembly on time, before it wont work anymore. The best thing to do is to clean the whole inside of the kickstart cover, and replace the whole kickstart assembly ( spring, bushing ect)