best exhaust for MHR Replica (Zip SP)


my brother has a 2001 & up Piaggio Zip SP scooter & we have already decided on an MHR Replica cilinder kit, what is the best exhaust for it?

my choices are the following;

MHR Replica exhaust
Yasuni R
Polini For Race3
Metrakit SP

i haven't seen a Yasuni R pipe would somebody please provide pics of that exhaust.

this will be used in conjunction with a PHBG21 carb, tuned original reedcage with Polini 0,25mm reeds, Polini OR rear pulley & belt, gear up kit & Polini Corsa crank.

of course the carters will be match ported to the cilinder but no major tuning mods, this will be for street & some occasional track use.
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this is a yasuni r, but how can it be one of your choices if you have never seen one?
well i try to stay with the more popular brands, besides the Piaggio Zip is a rarity from where i come from so parts are very hard to get compared to Minarelli powered scooters.
hi mate

the yasuni R will work but it doesn't rev at high end

the best exhaust for the MHR rep is the C16 this is longer so at top end it will keep reving

Cheers BYS '08'

P.s Not the C16 city


New Member
If you want the bike for city use, the yasuni r provides a nice amount of torque..

My zip is fitted with a 9 years old, stock-scratched-never-rebored-but-ported :D iron cylinder, stock 9 years old crank, malossi multivar vario, 2G clutch and a top perfomances yellow cdi-coil, a crappy 19mm phva carb and a mhr reedbox.

With the yasuni r exhaust, reved up to 13000rpm, powerwheeling like crazy. 0-90kmh in a snap, and i´m 10kg heavier than the bike filled..


Killerteam Racing
As from my experience i would recommend yasuni R for city use, or a c16 if it was to rev higher.
Purely because i lived in spain and got to see all of the yasuni exhausts and i had a yasuni R on a hebo sport cylinder (with all the other accessories) and a stock 17.5dell'orto. Very powerfull down low, nice spread of power and never revd too much for me but was still able to power wheelie. I know the spanish quality of yasuni and i have never been let down by the quality + Price.

But id be tempted to get the yasuni c16 - dont forget to keep in mind the city 16's!

Hope this helps a little Tiba and good luck !

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