Best 10" tyres?


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I own a Honda Dio 50 and I would like to purchase the best possible street legal tyres for spirited riding.

The size is 3.00-10.

What are the top best 3 tyres?

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Broem Broem Pff Pff
Maybe the best advice would be, check which tires are the best for other rim inches. And then check if that tire is available for your rim size..
I dont think that the inches have anything to do which tire is good, worse or the best..


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Thank you for that, I have checked and unfortunately the top superbike 17" tyres are not made in my scooter size 10". Hence my question, because I cannot change my wheel size to be larger to suit the different tyres, and given that 10" tyres are fairly uncommon what are people using for their street/race 50cc 10" scooters? Thanks.
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