Aprilia SR50R - Want more speed,but keep it "sport" tuned.


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I have tuned my Aprilia SR50R Carb 08 model a bit,but i really isnt that happy with the topspeed (wich is around 85-90 kph @ GPS)

My setup:

Piaggio LC Engine

Malossi Sport 70cc (Ported)
Malossi Red Sponge airfilter (Inlay for org. filterbox)
Malossi Multivar 2000 (Purple Contrapring and 6.1g Rolls)
Malossi Special Belt
MHR Delta clutch (Red Malossi springs)
MHR Replica Exhaust
MHR Wingbell
Stock Carb 17,5mm PHVA @ 80 MJ

Im thinkin on something like a Malossi gearing kit? Would that help on my setup? It says that its not reccomended for original setups,because it can be hard for the engine to pull it.

If it helps me,what gearing would be the best? I see Malossi have 2.

Is there anything else i can do? I really dont want to go over the "Sport" Limit,since i use the scooter ALOT.. (Use it to work,80kms pr day)

I really dont know if its possible with my current cylinderkit,but my goal is reaching a stabile 100km/h on flat road. Please give me some pointers guys:)
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Fabrizi Dude

2Fast4Life !!
hey, try lighting up the roller to 5.0g 4.5gs i believe if im not mistaken that the bike comes stock with 5.5s so why go heavier? increase the carb sive to a 19 PHBG carb ( the black racing edition is best ) possibly try gettin a torque driver, its a thought ? and i find for road use its best to just get the 14/39 primarys, with the stock secondaries, that way you still have a good snappy take off with a bit more top end ( you will probably need to step to the lighter rollers with these so the RPMS dont drop off ) but hey its all a thought and part of the fun to try a few things.
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