Am6 Setup Top Rose or Malossi? 21mm or 24mm?


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Just looking for some information about whats a good setup for my AM6 Engined CH Racing WSM 50?

I've got access to the following parts so its a choice out of this lot, what would you pick?

Cylinder Kit

Top Performance Rose
Malossi 70cc (not sure which one yet)


Dellorto Roundslide PHBG 21mm
Keihin Flatslide PWK Stg6 24mm

Anything else you recommend that I'd fit to increase performance?

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For am6 i would get the TP because its cheaper and gives more torque.
I would go with the 24mm flatslide Keihin because it will gives you a sharper throttle respons. But leave it if its a replica because tuning the replica's is a pain in the arse.
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