21mm dellorto carb, idle problem after rev up


New Member
I fitted a new 21mm dellorto carb to my yamaha aerox , when i rev my bike up it will drop to a high rev idle speed, and then after a while slowly drop down to a lower normal idle speed. I want the bike to get back quickly to normal idle speed after a rev.

so basically how can i get the bike to drop too the lower normal speed rather than dropping to the higher idle speed and then dropping again?

Things to note:
The Main jet is a litte to big.
Carb air/mixture screw is in standard 1,5 out from bottom (not fine tune)
There is no air or vakuum leak.
The throttle cabel is good.
The engine is new build and allmost all parts are new.
Yamaha aerox malossi sport 70cc setup.

Thanks for help
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