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    Malossi Overrange Variator Shims Thickness (Piaggio Engines)

    Hello! (Piaggio Engines) With the Malossi Overrange kit the Variator comes with two different shims One in plastic and one in metal. How thick is the one in metal? Have anyone got one to measure?
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    Aangeboden Teamspeed 2, Bigbore piston, Stage 6 Racing, Mikuni TM28 flatslide

    Malossi TeamSpeed 2 70cc. Used it about 20 Hours. Always runned on Castrol R40. Very good condition. Pictures: Price: 200€ inclusive shipping. Stage 6 Racing Cylinder, runned for 15,38 hours, including two new piston rings. Top condition...
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    Gevraagd Std Short Piaggio LC Carter, Zip Velgen, Malossi Whoop Disc

    Hello! I need a Standard Short Piaggio LC carterset! (Should not be tuned). It should be the later one with the bearing in the carterkap. I also need one set of rims for Zip sp, the newer one with disc brake. The front rim should be the one for the monofork. The rear rim should be 110mm for...
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    Piaggio Zip Sp Kickstarter left turns heres a photo. But i solved the problem grinded the variatorcover and mounted a Stage 6 SSP kickstarter =)
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    baught a new Mikuni 28TM

    You can get it to work no doubt about it. But if you bought a stock mikuni carburettor. You probably need to change all the jets in it. And it aint easy to find the correct needle jet, needle. So for your economic change to a prejetted carburettor. I't makes life's alot easier =)
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    Piaggio Zip Sp Kickstarter left turns

    Hello! I started racing with my Zip recently. But i wonder how the "real" racers fix the problems with the kickstarter grinding the ground wheni do left turns. I haven't seen a racer modify the kickstarter. So how do they fix this problem?
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    Is this a charging problem?

    13,4 V sounds good. But there is a drain. You haven't modified the electric system in any way?
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    piaggio zip carter tune

    it looks okey! Not bad i don't think there is any major change in hp between these tuning style might on top be +- 0,2 hp. But this is my oppinion =) Not facts. =)
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    Do you have a link to ebay with suspension products you are selling?

    Do you have a link to ebay with suspension products you are selling?
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    Which tires for circuit racing?

    Hello! I wonder if theres any experienced circuit racers here that knows a good tire for circuit racing. I want a tire that has good grip and is not a purely slick tire since the weather is not the best, often damp rather than pure sunshine. Ive heard that the top of line tires to get is...
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    Please explain 'Clutch spring' :)

    Clutch springs, the powerband of the new performance exhaust doesn't have any power at the low rpm the old clutch springs engages with. Harder clutch springs will give you the starts you want.
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    Gevraagd Pia LC Carter Untuned SD gelaagerd

    Hello! I'm searching for a untuned Pia LC Carter SD the newer version with bearing in the engine cover, long or short carter doesn't matter. The carter should be in nice condition. You must be able to ship to sweden. Have what im searching for? Send a pm with pictures.
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    Piaggio Zip fork swap with Zip SP

    Hello is it only forks from the year 2000 that works? cause i bought a newer one and it seems to be abit too long. Anyone know which year they changed the length?
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    strong drive belt

    Special belt will do fine. Or some of the stage 6 belts. Nearly all belts except kevlar will work fine. (Kevlar works but just waist of money).
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    strong drive belt

    Well if you run a stock engine its just waisted money. Not before you go Hyperrace is it any worth changing belts and so on.