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    Check out this malossi crap

    Its brand new it only has dirty marks on it because I am porting it. Try having a look at the water outlet and see the casting there. How is a hose supposed to stay on when the lip is cast of centre like that. When you pay good money for stuff you expect good quality
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    mhr team 50cc exhaust

    I have looked but with no luck Do malossi still make an exhaust for the mhr team 50cc All the ones they list are for 70
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    filling in the casings

    Beautiful job done by some one there. I use jb weld to do my engines
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    forced induction

    Some guy on scooter invasion made a 70cc sr scooter with fuel injection and a turbo. He made 8hp at 2psi on his own dyno. Didnt seem worth the effort in my mind. The 70cc kit would have made 12 or better on its own
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    Im glad this is the english pages
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    Evo piston help

    Im looking for a replacement evo piston for a mineralli But they only seem to list piggao pistons Im thinking its just written...
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    Motoforce racing cylinder defective batch?

    How good are those motoforce cylinders I love them , its my cylinder of choice for a street bike I love to put the city 16 on them and they pull real hard for a scooter
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    Membran carb on Yamaha Jog

    Looks great How does it run ???
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    Membran carb on Yamaha Jog

    Have a look here
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    rear facing 28mm keihin

    On another note its pulling around 13500 to 14000 rpm and sounds insane , the gearbox needs work as its pulling the revs down and so will have to lighten up the rollers a bit Then i think a gear up will be next on the list
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    rear facing 28mm keihin

    I have a italkit curve ignition as per the link The only think i don have is the instructions and when they say they retard the ignition they dont so at what rate they only 15 degree but at what rpm range I would be happy to run it if i could actually know at what rate it retards...
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    rear facing 28mm keihin

    I got it when i was there agent in australia so the price was right. Yeah not going to get another thats for sure It was randomly retarding the ignition and some times not
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    rear facing 28mm keihin

    Ok found the problem The hpi inner rotor had shat itself, Im so glad i dont have these things anymore I have had the worst run with them ever. I have a italjet one on there now and scooter is ripping
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    rear facing 28mm keihin

    Yup thats what i am thinking I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't from the carb first I will pull the engine and shove it on the pressure tester Thanks for that I just closed the squish down .2mm to try and get the pipe to come on harder down low. Its helped the low end alot