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    Gilera Runner SP50 tuning questions

    Happy to help! That's a bit odd, why don't you run 5.5g rollers, instead of the mix? The 7g rollers will wear down quicker than the 4 grams ones! To be honest I would go with a modified stock airbox on the Stage6 Streetrace. The powerband and target revenue isn't high enough to justify a...
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    piaggio 70 small end bearing fail

    http://www.tuningmatters.com/news/news-stage6-sport-pro-mkii-and-stage6-racing-mkii/ Here you go!
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    piaggio 70 small end bearing fail

    Hey, really sounds like a parts failure. I believe you mean 12mm. 13mm would already be oversize on Piaggio. I'd stick with stock, it should really not be a problem to run a 12mm bearing with your setup!
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    piaggio 70 small end bearing fail

    Mhm, hard to tell, could be overrevving due to too low gear ratio, tho my guess would be its just the Doppler shit quality that hit you. Get a MHR silver bearing as a replacement and you should be good!
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    Beginner Tuner needs advice

    Now seeing that you said $100 budget :) Well, not much in that price range to be honest. To get started I would swap the reed membranes with some carbon ones and if needed an unrestricted intake as mentioned above. The biggest bang for the buck is a 70cc kit. Tho, it might be hard to find...
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    Beginner Tuner needs advice

    About the spark plug. probably good to get a new one, tho the colder the better usually!
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    Beginner Tuner needs advice

    Hi Chaz and welcome! Congrats on the scooter purchase. 89 is quite old, but I believe the engines back then where still made in Japan, so corrosion shouldnt be a problem unlike the China knockoffs :) The dummy pipe, won't require upjetting, so go ahead! I am pretty sure the old Minarelli's also...
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    Brand new build - too loud/too high RPM, unusable bike :(

    Ok, I don't think the engine is overrevving. If at 5g, when acceleration kicked in the engine was still too loud, then it's not excessive noise due to overrevving! You can replace the silencer wool, tho it won't be too much of a difference. Back in the days, people used the Giannelli silencer...
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    New Project..Need a Setup

    Hey Sugar, Nice, I was in the game in the nineties too, then took a break and got into it again in 2010. So much new shit. S6 didn't exist back then :) Top Performances is dead from what I've heard, thus you don't find parts anymore. The Polini For Race turned pretty bad after the second...
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    jetting help please!

    Hi, Sorry to hear that. If you are still on the stock 12mm carb then a mainjet of about 70-75 would be in place. 88 and higher would be adequate for a 17.5mm carb... Best, Daniel
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    Brand new build - too loud/too high RPM, unusable bike :(

    Hi Ben, Sorry to hear that. Whilst a 70cc cylinder and exhaust make your scooter louder, it should not exceed about 95dbu with your setup. Di you have a chance to do some measurements? Smartphone have some apps to do dbu evaluations. Some things to check: Try heavier rollers. Maybe your engine...
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    Nice! Keep us updated!
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    stage6 sport pro mkII aerox mainjet

    Hi, you have to go about ten percent bigger. I'd say 83-85! Best, Daniel
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    What gear to buy? Yamaha Aerox (minarelli lc)

    Thanks for the list Ben! Maybe we should make it a separate sticky thread! I'll go over it once I find the time :)
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    Stock oil pump with Stage6 Sport Pro mk2?

    Stock oil pump shouldn't be much of a problem. I doubt that the stock oil pump is around 1:50. Usually they are controlled by the throttle and the more you open it, the more oil will flow. This doesn't really correlate to the amount of gas, so you can say it's 1:50 all the time. Lot's of people...