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  • lol, brah i got facebook, msn, and yahoo messenger. just remember your mini stroker set up wont keep up with those 2fast bikes.
    i understand rydah... do you have msn or facebook because is worth to speak here ... waiting hours
    out here we dont go in k's we go in mph, but i dont see why you wouldnt be able to get 70 to 75mph out of a mini stroker. the diff is that a big stroker have a lot more torque so at mid range it will walk away from the smaller bores, that why we go big stroker out here. plenny guys like the mini stroker because it has more torque then stock stroke and get that extra lil muscle to pull a stock stroke bike. the reason i went with a big stroker is that its cheaper for me to go stroker then going mini stroke because the polini or malossi cylinders cost way more money then a taiwan stroker bore.
    sounds good, i love the 2fast kits. right now on the hawaii forums there is a guy on there selling a arrow limited pipe, good for your mini stroker, and that guy also is selling a pg long, really good for your big stroker.
    there is a 3 beta ark lc and 1 aprilia sr... they tuned his bikes with 2fast cylinders... it takes 130kmh on 400m
    a mini stroke can race a big block stroker but i dont think it can win. if both set ups are tuned correctly the big stroker is going to win. are there any fast scooters in you area. if so what are their set ups.
    the polini contessa is the same as the polini sport ? because in some pages there isn't the polini contessa only the corsa and a polini sport which produces 7.7hp
    you change my mind with your words..:) you said me that is the same the contessa with the corsa if i open a exh port i am crazy to install on the bike the corsa
    i have a malossi sport head... also i open a little bit the exh port.. now the bore is 48mm with a polini piston...
    it really doesnt matter if it a corsa or contessa, they are both pretty much the same. the corsa has a lil better porting, but plenny guys out here buy contessas because they cost less and just port them to corsa specs or even better. you can mini stroke either one and get good performance. your going to pay a lot for a polini piston, and you also wont get the best performance using a stock dio head, you need the polini corsa head.
    rydah i bought the cylinder only without piston and head..if i install the polini i will put my 50cc head.it is fits with my piston.. also if this cylinder it is a corsa i will make it mini stroke
    i think you can tell the diff between the heads. i think the corsa might have a silver head, but i'm not sure.
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