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    problem - malossi 2005 overrange

    hello , just wondering if anyone can help my brother has an italjet dragster with minarelli engine and i have just put a sport setup in it consisting of stage6 street race 70 - rms full circle crank- tm24 carb - stage6 intake system - malossi gears - MVT MILLENIUM ignition and as he had a...
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    Aangeboden New malossi 2005m overrange + mhr wingbell

    hello for sale i have a brand new malossi overange kit and mhr wingbell was goin to use it on my dragster project which i am no longer doing so i have put it up for sale , looking for £200 for both . thanks
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    stage6 rear suspension
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    very nooby. some nooby questions....

    you will need to get some new lighter rollers try around 4.0-4.5gram also the size of the rollers are 15x12 if that helps when ordering them , also try some stiffer clutch spring as they will help with pull away as well .
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    Need Help?? nrg mc3 undertray ???

    hi , just wondering if anyone could help , i remember seeing undertrays for mk1 nrgs being sold on ebay like 2 years ago the one's where you had the mod the nrg fuel tank because they where flush with the back end ,now i really want one as i want to use my gilera ice number plate bracket but...
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    eny scooter drag racing in uk?

    its probably only gone dead in your country because youve beaten everyone tiba lol , i wish i could have a 2fast cylider / crank ect.
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    eny scooter drag racing in uk?

    yeah straightliners is a sprinting organisation in the uk althought its mainly big bikes and 125/172 runners / dragsters that are normally racing , i have seen a few 70 zips taking part .they normally race at santa pod / evlington and i think 1 or 2 other places i cant think of. ive been...
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    Peugeot Speedfight x-team help wanted

    where abouts in england are you ? id go for somethink like an polini corsa or stage6 streetrace if your only looking for a bit more power and will be reliable for day to day riding.
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    hi, where did you get the forks and front disc from is it possible to order them through your shop , and how much would they be . very nice nrg btw thanks nick
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    Italjet Dragster(piaggio)180cc vs Malossi 172 ? opinions..

    i read somewhere the malossi 172cc gives 2bhp increase over stock 180cc cylinder.
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    Answers please

    but buying a mhr rep would not be cheaper as the sport pro kits are much less , but reliability would be better with the mhr rep ( just a case off wether you want to pay more money for it , or change the ring every so often on the sport pro and have more power ) also carbs are really up to you...
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    Answers please

    yeh it will go through an mot with tuning parts on , all they are looking at is tyres , brake , lights etc so it should be fine , as for a setup id go for somethink like this . Stage6 sport pro 70 kit / Hebo manston rep 70 kit Stage6 pro exhaust Stage6 R/T pwk 24mm carb Stage 6 intake...
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    //\\Blitz//\\SR...... (Sr street)

    looking good , id take them reflectors off the forks tho lol , where bouts in england you from ? .nick
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    coverting to pre-mix problem ?

    i ended up striping the oil pump so it has nothing left but the one shaft that conects to the water pump cog so alls good , thanks .nick
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    coverting to pre-mix problem ?

    hi , just in the process of converting to pre mix on my evo2 nrg , but how do I get get rid of the oil pump ive take it out but now there is nothing hold water pump cog still , so if any of have done this come up with a way to hold the cog in place without leaving the oil pump in there please...