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  • check first does the throttle valve move if you give more throttle
    try it when the scooter is not working..
    and try without air filter, look how the engine reacts then..
    try to clean the carb, maybe the flote chamber needle is not working properly..
    Scooter has gets to much air or something is stuck.. i presume that throttle valve isnt moveing up and down correctly..
    i saw that when u gave throttle then engine didnt react.. so i quess that throttle valve is stuck..
    maybe u can borrow carb from friend? then u can check is it the carbs fault or not..
    srry my english isnt best:D so i hope ya understood everything;)
    yes try to clean the carb, and look does fuel gets to the carb??
    if the plug is try then it get's to much air..
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