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    Am6 Setup Top Rose or Malossi? 21mm or 24mm?

    Just looking for some information about whats a good setup for my AM6 Engined CH Racing WSM 50? I've got access to the following parts so its a choice out of this lot, what would you pick? Cylinder Kit Top Performance Rose Malossi 70cc (not sure which one yet) Carburettor...
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    baught a new Mikuni 28TM

    A 28mm is way too big for that setup, will shift the power up the rpm range. Making the band pretty short. that's if you can get it to run right :p
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    pg19 ftw! would love to smash her pie in. I'm staying tuned for the new setup, should be A1 kidder :).
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    Scooter Attack Weekend 2009 :)

    I'll be there with Liam, hopefully I'll have the aerox ready by then as well.
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    PMSL, Scooter on ebay|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50
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    PMSL, Scooter on ebay

    Just seen this on ebay: BAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
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    Keihin TA06 and TA09

    Carbs in question:
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    Keihin TA06 and TA09

    Hi all, I'm Jack from Bristol, england and am currently scooterless but still collecting parts and £££ for my next project. My 1982 yz490 is currently eating all my funds :'(. I'm also a personal friend of Butch on here and break and build bikes for some pocket money. Basically I have some...
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    Upgrade from Malossi 70cc

    This is all that needs to be said really, end of discussion. A print screen from scooterattack would be good as well.
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    Upgrade from Malossi 70cc

    Your information is NOT correct at all, for one the mhr-rep is far from a sport kit and in actual fact a mid-race. Also you're increasing the ccm3 of the cylinder by 20cc, the extra power produced by this kit WILL put extra stress on the crank shaft. The standard crank (as it's designed for...