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    Portuguese Neo's project. WhItE PoWeR

    after so many years, new mods are coming. stay tuned ... ;)
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    180cc 2t gilera runner wich CDI?

    Yes it is a two stroke for sure. From the two connectors that came out of the generator the 3 hole one is for lights and the other one is for CDI unit but question is realy because the CDI unit has 3 conectors, the first one is to connet to the HT coil and the last one will connect to the plug...
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    180cc 2t gilera runner wich CDI?

    Sorry! It looks like the translator sucks!
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    180cc 2t gilera runner wich CDI?

    Ik heb een 180cc gileramotor gekocht maar het camed met uit cdi en ik weet niet het heksenmodel correcte aangezien ik reeds 2 versies zag, één met 2 schakelaars en andere met 3 schakelaars is. Wat is ik zou moeten gebruiken...
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    Gevraagd CDI and HT coil 180cc 2T engine

    Hi, I?m loocking for the CDI unit and the HT coil for a Piaggio 180cc engine . May be also interested in the wiring loom from a runner 180cc 2T The conectors of the generator look like this:
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    Barath´s´Hyper RoxXx Project

    I hate this, when we speak english out of the english selection they move us here now how we have to deal with this here and we can´t do anything...
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    Portuguese Neo's project. WhItE PoWeR

    Hello I'm from Portugal and i would like to present you my Neo's Project. Portuguese Style :P I hope you enjoy it
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    Gevraagd NRG parts

    I'm looking for stock startor coil and flywheel. also looking for radiator tubes. Any one with this parts? Parts for NRG 1997
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    Nieuwe parts #7

    This new cilinder is based on YZ 85? What will be the size of the piston? The lower part of the cilinder looks very close to the cr125 but it does not have the exaust valve.
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    Possible carb problem

    Yes the short manifold does have an angle. The same and any other XSH wig and malossi piaggio manifold have. The spark is ok, it does spark. Jetting was ok for the Long manifold (it starded ok when engine was cold with out choke puched) and it did work on the short manifold when i changed it...
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    Possible carb problem

    I'm using and orignal PWK carb on my minarelli set up and what happens is that after i changed from a long intake manifold for the short intake manifold ( Vtwins manifold) it start to be harder to put the scooter working. Now that i didn´t run it for 2 months i try to start it and the engine and...
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    For who said that the neos sub frame is the same of the aerox next time be sure before you post something. i have just had a hell of a job tring to fit one and is just doesn´t fit! 8o|
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    minareli LC engine setup

    I supose the ignitions is seted up right yes. I will have a 13/44 gearing shortly and i will try it out but the thing that is making me think is that is i don´t reach more top speed at about 13000 rpms with the gearing that i have it is possible that i don´t reach more speed with a smaller...
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    minareli LC engine setup

    but at least i should reach more top speed than 120km/h right?