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scooter tuning newbie

Discussion in 'General Scooters, all about Scooters.' started by 2Stroker, 16 March 2016.

  1. 2Stroker

    2Stroker New Member

    16 March 2016
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    Hi guys, great forum. Completely new to the scooter tuning scene so after some advice please. Thinking of building a fast Aerox with a 70cc kit. Full licence holder so dont need to worry about restrictions, I commute 20 miles each day 10 miles to work and back on A/B roads with 40 mph speed limit so dont really need a set up with huge top speed I'd be happy with 60 mph but acceleration and a bit of torque if thats possible is what I'm looking for to get away from the lights quickly and some overtaking and to cut through the traffic. Thinking of the Stage 6 Sport Pro cylinder for starters and a racing crank, dont know if the racing cylinder would be to much as I want reliability as well. Any advice please on a good set up, pros and cons of running a racing kit. just want to build an urban missile and have some fun. Thanks
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