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Imitatie Iphone --- De nieuwste versie Hiphone

Discussion in 'Non-scooter/diversen' started by brambomb, 26 April 2008.

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  1. brambomb

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    3 August 2005
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    Te koop Imitatie iphone de HIPHONE. Leuke telefoon met full touch screen.

    Uit de doos geweest. Dit is de nieuwste versie van de hipone met kantelscherm. Met alles erbij


    Updated model Hiphone

    This phone support rotating image with moving, unlock with sliding, and changing the position of image when playing film and screen turns automatically. And what more "personalited" is that the battery can be removed. You can zoom the photos etc in, or out with using your fingers. It also have two SIM cards, but only one online in the same time. Works almost all in the world, because it is triband phone. This phone have also hightech screen, by warm feeling, not with ordinary touch screen. It have also MP3 player with motion control and video player with motion control display.


    Frequency: Triband 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
    Display: 3.2" touch flo with multi-touch function, 16'000'000 true colors, 240 x 400 px
    Languages: Now multilanguage - Englsih, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian
    Ringtone: MP3, MP4, MIDI
    Music: support to download and play MP3 games; MP3 player with motion control
    Video: 3GP, MP4 player with motion control display
    Camera:1,3 megapixel, support to shoot with sound, the time is depended on storage
    File formats: JPG, GIF, MP3, MP4, MIDI, 3GP, MP4
    Memory: give a TF card(256M) as present, support to extend, Document management
    Data transfer: USB data wire/U disc/ Bluetooth (stereo, remote control)
    Internet: WAP, GPRS
    Phonebook: 500 groups of contacts of carte de visit, support incoming call with big head sticker, grouping ring
    Messaging: SMS / MMS, SMS group sending, storage space for 200 messages
    Battery: 1200 mAH
    Power switch: support auto start/close, can set user-defined photo of starting/closing
    Alarm: can set from Monday to Sunday at random, can set sleeping time and type of ring
    Games: 5 common games
    Talk time: 200 - 280 minutes
    Standby time: 200 - 320 hours
    Dimensions: 115mm×60mm×15mm
    Weight: 107 grams
    Color: Silver-black
    Miscellaneous: Handsfree, Voice recorder, Handwritten input, Bluetooth, E-book, Coming call firewall, basically realized "fancy features" like Apple, calculator, unit conversion, rates exchange, calendar, memos, alarm clock etc
    Comes with: charger, two batterys, USB cable, plastic housing
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