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Aprilia SR50R (piaggio carb) tuning advice for a "touring 70cc set"

Discussion in 'General Scooters, all about Scooters.' started by Dullah, 14 March 2016.

  1. Dullah

    Dullah New Member

    29 March 2006
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    Hi there

    I've been thinking of doing a new setup for my scooter. Main thing is to have much low and mid range torque with reliability and also keep the noise to minimum.

    I do not want to go to premix so Im keeping the oilpump and also the 17,5mm original carb.

    My setup would be:

    -Athena Sport 70cc
    -Leo Vince touring exhaust
    -17,5mm original carb with original airbox

    So what do you guys think? Im a far off?

    I'd also need some advide to variator. Should I buy a new variator kit or keep the original? New weights of couse but what size? I mean starting point.

    How about clutch springs etc?

    Upjetting is obvious. Do I need to remove the brass restrictor? I've also heard of a resrictor in the reed case. Any word on this?

    Rejetting... maybe +10 or +15 without the brass plate between the carbn and the airbox.
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